Localidades populares en Portugal

  • Lisboa

    Lisbon, capital of Portugal, has recently seen a growth not matched since 14th and 15th century explorers set sail from these shores. The booming capital now enjoys immense popularity, and it’s easy to see why with its expansive mosaic-decorated pavements, charming medieval center, and many art deco cafes. Add in easy access to beaches and a vibrant nightlife, and no one can pass this city up.

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  • Oporto

    The cosmopolitan city of Porto is the second largest in Portugal and it is located not far from the Atlantic Ocean. Together with the Capital Lisboa and the area of Algarve belongs to the mainly visited places by tourists. The River Douro forms so typical dominants of this city with all the bridges built above this deep valley. The world-know wine of Porto famed this place and also the UNESCO list with city's historical centre.

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  • Albufeira

    This touristic resort is located in the southern region Algarve. Its name comes from Arabic and means lagoon. It is one of the most visited seaside resorts in this area, in summer mostly and during the New Year's Eve celebrations also. There is the Faro airport within 40 km, marina, golf courses, plenty of restaurants and bars and accommodation possibilities, everything needed for the floods of visitors.

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  • Lagos

    Lagos is another popular seaside resort in the region of Algarve, South Portugal. It is located in about 35 km from the Europe's most Southwestern point Sagres. There are plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, much frequented and also the hidden ones with amazing scenery of the rocky formations.

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  • Fátima

    City of Fátima is famous for its religous visions, when in 1917 was the Virgin Mary seen by three local children, shepherds, by depasturing in the near mountains. She supposed to constellate the end of the First World War. There is a little chaple, where are daily comming many of pilgrims to bow and to do the homage to St. Mary.

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